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BUNDLE & SAVE with The Aotearoa Collection candle and diffuser combo!


SAVE $10 RRP $124


Diffuser: 140ml 

Candle: 230g

The Aotearoa Collection - BUNDLE & SAVE $$$

  • Caring instructions for your SOY DIFFUSER

    • Place the reed sticks in the oil and allow one hour at least to absorb the oil. 
    • Consistently flip the reed sticks over to saturate both ends. This assists in speeding up the process of oil soaking through from the bottom diffusing to the top filling the entire reed. 
    • Place your reed diffuser wisely, where it will not be knocked by curious pets or children. Keep away from electrical appliances in case of spillage and do not light reeds. 
    • Expect the full effects of fragrance within 24 hours 


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